Hudson, NY has become a beacon for other American cities by expressing love to Syrian refugee children, supporting a path to transform their lives. 

Hudson School District

A "pen-pal” program between children of Hudson and children living in Ketermaya has been established to nurture the reading and writing skills of both communities while inspiring their well-being through the development of friendship.

The first connection through a video call introduced the children of Hudson and Ketermaya. They learned quickly that they share a common love for soccer, dance & singing songs and even enjoy some of the same foods. Hudson students sent a group letter by post reinforcing their enthusiasm to be connected with their new friends across the world. Each child in Ketermaya will write an introductory letter about themselves to be matched with a Hudson student at the beginning of the school year, September 2017. Translated letters will go back and forth between the children each quarter of the school year.


Hudson Muslim Youth

Hudson has made a connection between it's Muslim youth and the Syrian refugee children in Ketermaya, Lebanon. Handmade "Eid" Ramadan cards were created by the Hudson Muslim Youth at the Hudson Community Library and mailed by post to the children in Ketermaya. Receiving words of hope, peace, unconditional love and dreams of some day meeting their Muslim brothers and sisters in Lebanon touched the hearts of these children, 6,000 miles away.


Hudson First Presbyterian Church

134 School supply packages of writing paper, coloring books, whiteboard tablets, pens and pencils & crayons and markers were purchased by generous donors and interfaith friends and neighbors. Tote bags donated by a New York City children's manufacturer held the supplies and were hand delivered with love to the children in Ketermaya by a parishioner of the First Presbyterian Church of Hudson.