We’re helping Syrias refugee kids connect with other children worldwide, sharing hope and education to transform their lives.

Our goal is to facilitate Help Syria’s Kids pen pal clubs in hundreds of schools worldwide, to exchange letters with Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon.

The children living in Syrian refugee camps crave education and without it, there is high threat of creating a "lost generation".

Help Syria’s Kids Pen-Pal exchanges support English curriculum for these children to develop reading and writing skills and nurture a sense of well-being through the development of friendship.

Children around the world are reading about the plight of refugee children. Many are seeking to connect with these children to learn more about their lives, their dreams, and cultures as well as to share their support for their rights to education.

 Children hold great hope about their lives and possibilities. By engaging meaningful communication between children from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we believe we can inspire their belief in their own abilities as well as to realize the value they have, to help others to persevere in the world.