Our Mission is to help Syria's Kids in a refugee camp in Ketermaya, Lebanon receive education as well as aid for food, basic needs and a healthy environment to help them realize their greatest potential.


Without education, there is high threat of creating a "lost generation" among Syrian children.

The children living in Ketermaya crave education. To address this need, Help Syria's Kids is organizing non-formal education courses in English, Arabic, Social Sciences and Math. This enables the Syrian Ketermaya children a chance to catch up to their peers and enter into local public school programs available for refugees. Our objective is to also help the children improve aptitude so they can enter public school programs at appropriate grade levels. Friends of Ketermaya Pen-Pal exchanges support English curriculum to develop reading and writing skills and nurture a sense of well being through the development of friendship. Extra curricular activities for art, music and dance are organized to help children express themselves and to cope with extraordinary levels of trauma.

We are raising funds to support transportation, supplies and facilities for these ongoing educational courses and activities. Donations at any level combined with the support from other donor and partner organizations helps to realize transformation and possibilities in Education for these refugees.  

food and basic needs 

Food, water, fuel and medicine are in serious deficit for the families and children in Ketermaya. Currently vats of water are delivered each day but the quantity does not meet their daily needs and the water must be boiled before drinking. Food is not plentiful or balanced making the coping skills of the children and families living in a refugee camp even more challenging. Lack of fuel means light and heat are not available in evenings, during the most critical times of need. Medicine and medical aid is sparse and administered for only the most desperate of needs.

A monthly $29 donation supports the cost of food, water, fuel and hygiene, per refugee. $145 per family per month provides food and basic needs for a family of 5. When we combine your donation with support from other donors, all the children and families benefit because their whole environment is being transformed.


Sanitation, sewage management and pest control are in dire need to support a healthy environment. Lack of rodent control results in children being bitten at night exposing them to the risk of disease and infection. Risk of cholera and other life threatening illnesses are prevalent as a result of the poor conditions of the camp.

We are seeking partnerships and raising funds for long-term initiatives to help solve these issues. We can transform Ketermaya into a healthy living environment for these refugees. Donations at any level does make a difference.